Ear Training for Musicians

Some people have such melodious voice which inspires others and emphasize to think about the deeper thoughts rather focusing on the surface level. The voice with which they give a message to the society should have such energy and potential with which people get motivation and love to hear the voice as the mediator between their feelings and expression. Some people have magnificent voice but still... »

Relative pitch

People who have melodious voice, often they want to think of the career of music. They want to be a good singer and for this, they get training for many years and then they become able to adopt music as a profession. But sometimes despite of having good voice, they are unable to sing well because they have not such listening skills which allow them for taking a step forward. When we talk about mus... »

Ear Training

Having melodious voice is good enough if you have good listening skills too. Many people are there who have such voices which emphasize them to peruse the career in music but due to not having the good enough skills of hearing, they cannot sing well. That’s the reason that many of them struggle hard but fail to be successful. Scott Edwards is an Ear Training Expert who struggled hard in his life t... »