“A name tag isn’t just a sticker; it’s a statement”

As the professionals say, “A name tag isn’t just a sticker; it’s a statement”. It’s a statement about friendliness, identity, culture and human nature. A name tag is often referred to as a conversation advancer and engagement tool because the hardest part of the conversation is getting the ball rolling. That’s why names are so great. They are the building blocks of a conversation. The sooner you know people’s name, the sooner you feel comfortable around them. Sigmund Freud discovered that a person’s name is the single context of human memory most forgotten. So, wearing a nametag means one less name people have to worry about remembering. Name tag basically helps in promoting the communication, they take away the anonymity that people have without them. They provide a friendlier atmosphere since everyone has a name to go with the face. This is especially helpful in a business that employs large numbers of employees or has a large number of potential and current customers who frequent the business. They allow people to introduce themselves to someone whom they don’t know by saying their name instead of asking them who they are. This allows the conversation to get right to the point immediately. images

It is natural that human beings avoid conflicts, and name tags are a natural eliminators of conflict. Staff members, customers, and visitors can be at ease and concentrate on their purpose for being there rather than who people are and whether or not this individual is the one that they want to avoid or the one that they wish to speak with. Name tags have become part of the total branding programs helping companies promote their employees or co-workers who act as ambassadors of their brand. 75% of those surveyed agreed that wearing a name badge would help one to “stand out” in job searches and career advancement. 77% believed that wearing a name badge helps to personally brand oneself at meetings, conferences or networking events. For those employees who are working with the public, it is helpful if they wear a name tag. They will most likely try harder to provide good customer service, since their name is right there. Wearing a name tag will help to put customers on a first-name basis with those waiting on them. When this happens, it often creates a friendly atmosphere and, in turn, builds loyalty. When customers feel like they know the people that work there, they are more likely to keep returning to do business.