Medical coding and billing is very important in order to organize the work done by medical staff. Medical coding includes conversion of medical diagnosis, symptoms, medical procedures as well as medicines and drugs into codes. Medical billing means billing of insurance companies and patients. Medical billing is performed to submit medical fee summary to the insurance companies for the purpose of track record, payments, research, data collection, quality improvement and effective management. Medical billing and coding plays a vital role in financial success of the hospitals.

Medesun is a private institute that has been providing wide range of trainings to students in the field of medical coding, billing, HIPAA/ICD-10, preparation for Y2K, ICD 10 implementation, impact of HITEC law on business associates etc. Medesun provides training in India only. The services that are provided by Medesun is at very affordable prices. The institute provides free training to those students who cannot afford training fee at all, particularly those students who have a total family income of USD 12,000 per annum.

It is important to know that Medusun is not affiliated with any of the organizations or government institutions.  Moreover, even the training of the company is 100% job and certification oriented. However, one should keep in mind that the company does not offer any kind of jobs or certification guarantee. Medusun only offers training and coaching sessions.

Medusun takes pride to be known as the market leaders in medical coding, HL7 training, medical billing and ICD 10. Medusun have comparative advantage over the other medical coding and training companies because it is the only institute in the entire India that has been providing ICD 10 training. The institute has a professional trainer that has world record in certification. The name of the trainer is Dr. Guptha. He has certifications of CCS-P, CCS , CPC, COC, CIC, CPC-P, CRC, CCC, CPCO, CANPC, CPB, CPMA, CEMC, CEDC, CIMC, CFPC, CUC, COBGC, CPCD, COSC, CPRC, CPEDC, CHONC, CENTC, CRHC, CGIC, CASCC, CGSC, CSFAC, CCVTC, RMC, RMA, CMBS, CMRS, CSCS, CSBB, FCR, FNR, FOR, CHA, CHL7, AHIMA Approved ICD-10 Trainer, AHIMA ICD-10 Ambassador, India.

The three types of main medical coding training that are offered at Medusun. These medical coding training include, online training, class room training, ICD 10 Internship. These trainings are being provided by Dr. Raghu Vradhan, Dr. P Spata Giri and Dr. Parag Salunke respectively. All of these trainers are highly qualified and professionals. Each of these trainers hold several certifications.