Simple Hair Loss Solution in Dubai

For the people living in the UAE, hair loss is one of the biggest problems faced by the people. There are many reasons behind this problem. Some of the most common reasons include: anemia, stress, diet, genetics, climate, humidity, and the water.

While the reasons are common, the most common one is the water. The water in the Dubai contains a lot of added elements for the purification purposes. The salts present in the water are one thing, but the chlorine is also added to the water to kill the germs. Studies show that the added chlorine accumulates in our hair on the scalp, and then keeps growing. This growth in the amount of chlorine facilitates the growth of bacteria, fungus, which cause itching and dandruff on the scalp.

hair loss dubai

When we scratch our heads due to the bacteria and dandruff, the skin on the scalp weakens which affects the hair follicle. Therefore, people start suffering from the hair loss problem.

Now, the dermatologists suggest different treatment options for the hair loss Dubai victims such as switching to a herbal shampoo to undergoing a complete therapy. However, people have used remedies from time to time for their hair removal as well. Commonly, the remedies include using potatoes, raw eggs, and sometimes vinegar as well.

While the remedies may have their own benefits and drawbacks, and may or may not have scientifically backed evidence, there is one thing, which is commonly being used by the hair loss Dubai victims; and it has proven to be highly beneficial. The product is Pure Blue shower purifier.

The H20 Pure Blue shower purifier is a simple yet ingenious solution to the hair loss problems of the people living in Dubai. It is a simple purifier, which is installed into the showers. It removes about 98% of the chlorine from the water, ensuring that the water being absorbed by your scalp is free from harmful elements, such as the chlorine.

The results are highly impressive, indicating that even water solution heavy metals can be separated as well. Moreover, it also shows impressive results for the warm water. We suggest that everyone suffering from hair loss problem in Dubai must give it a try.