How Zeolith Changed the World

The earth is blessed with a lot of different minerals and elements which possess a number of great qualities. However, since it is not in our knowledge that which thing possesses which qualities, the evolution of the use of these things was gradual, and it was only with time that we learned how much we are blessed with, and how easy can our lives really be if we learn the use of each thing, and learn how and where to apply that knowledge. For instance, chlorine and fluoride are used to disinfect the water, and salt is also known for its properties. However, one of the biggest findings in the recent times is that of the Zeolite, and it has made a great impact on not only our lives, but on the entire world.

Zeolite, which is also called zeolith in some parts of the world, is a stone which is derived from the glass found in the lava ash from the volcanoes. Previously, people would collect it from the lava ash near the volcanoes, however, today, it is synthesized artificially on the industrial level as well.


The thing, or the distinct quality, which makes the zeolith or the zeolite so useful is due to its porous structure. The atoms and molecules are arranged in such a manner that they form a cage like structure. This cage like structure is very useful and is often used to trap the unwanted air, or to store any other form of contamination. It is due to this unique arrangement tat the zeolite has found so many uses of it.

One of the main uses of the zeolite is for the water treatment. Often, zeolite is mixed with the water to reduce its hardness, and also to contain any sort of contamination. That is why, farmers often mix zeolite while watering their crops to make it more suitable for the crops. In the areas with the nuclear issues, zeolite has been used to trap the nuclear contamination as well.

Apart from that, it is also used in a number of different ways.