Ear Training

Having melodious voice is good enough if you have good listening skills too. Many people are there who have such voices which emphasize them to peruse the career in music but due to not having the good enough skills of hearing, they cannot sing well. That’s the reason that many of them struggle hard but fail to be successful.
Scott Edwards is an Ear Training Expert who struggled hard in his life to make his career in music. He had a good voice but due to poor listening skills, he was unable to reach that point which he dreamed of. He realized that he needs proper ear training which he will follow the way of music with. This was a prominent change in his situation. He realized that having a good enough voice would not be enough till he gets that skill which will make him able to listen properly what other people sing. Now he himself gives ear training to the musicians and give them a direction. Our Mission to tell you about ear training is to give you a hope that you can do much in your music career. The ones who are concerned with it, they have to know about perfect pitch and relative pitch. Perfect pitch gives the ability to recognize the notes but in relative pitch, you can’t hear that note. So it’s necessary to know about both of them
Ear Training There are so many evidences out there that support the theory that it is impossible to learn perfect pitch as an adult. The general consensus among musicians and researchers studying perfect pitch is that it can only be learned as a child because it develops while the brain is still developing. The danger of some of the perfect pitch methods out there (and some relative pitch methods as well for that matter) is that they tell you to work on a few exercises and hope for the best. This is a great way to waste months or even years waiting to see results. When you approach relative pitch training in the right way (which we’ll get to soon) you will see results quickly. On the day you get started you will see how the system works and within a couple of weeks you will start to see the progress you’re making.
Our Mission is to describe that ear training for making a career as a musician is necessary for you.