Types of Pests in North London and Problems They Cause

The growth of the cities influences greatly a surrounding environment. It leads to the formation of an entirely new ecosystem in the North London region as well as in other parts of the city. Many animals and insect species dwell under the same sky together with people. Some of them cause harm and even diseases as they transfer various viruses. Read information on the main pests that inhabit North London and why you should fear them.

  • Wasps

These tiny insects can cause various health problems. Some of them can lead to a lethal outcome. The poison that is located in their stings can cause various allergic reactions, swelling and unbearable pain. In the worst scenario, a person can die from an anaphylactic shock if there is no proper medical treatment. Try to avoid conflicts types of common inect and mammal pestswith these insects if possible.

  • Mice and rats

These mammals are the most widespread rodent pests in North London. The war between them and people has a long history. They have been the reasons of various epidemics when people died from incurable diseases. Present day rodents have adapted to the living in big cities. They still spread a lot of germs and dirt. If you find the signs of rodents’ presence, eliminate them as soon as possible, because their population grows very quickly.

  • Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the survival champions among insects. They are the vessels for millions of bacteria that cause infectious illnesses. Cockroaches can consume almost everything to survive and that is why it’s so hard to get rid of them. The most recent researches have proved that some of the species can spread blood diseases by biting people at night.

  • Squirrels

These rodents can pose a serious danger, although they are considered very cute animals. They often hide in the attics or in hollow walls, where it’s warm and comfortable. These animals can start gnawing wooden constructions of the houses and even pieces of furniture. The squirrels can bite electric wires and cause short circuits that will lead to a fire.

  • Pigeons

Pigeons are very problem causing birds. They fly everywhere producing a mess. They make nests in the most inappropriate spots and it becomes the reason for problems with machines, especially ventilation systems. They are also known for their capability to transfer various parasites. The worst thing lies in the digestive products. The substance that is present in pigeons’ defecation products is highly corrosive so it can harm metal constructions. Fortunately, the amount of pigeons in North London hasn’t reached a critical point.