Festive Fun in London: Christmas Lights

Of all the fun things to do in London at this time of year, there is nothing more festive than seeing the different Christmas lights on display. Some glow soft and warm, others make a statement with big, bold designs and colours. Either way, lighting up the capital with twinkling lights is always a sure fire way to get everyone in the spirit of things.You may be coming to London to tour the East End or mooch around its markets, but the Christmas lights are not to be missed. Now, you might not get a chance to see every display on every street, so www.eastendtours.com have put together this quick guide to the best Christmas lights in London this year. Read on for more.

Oxford Street

This Christmas, Oxford Street will be lit up by suspended sparkling orbs. Like a floating layer of twinkling snowballs, this display is perfectly festive to wander around festive lights in Londonunder. Don’t expect the effect to be subtle though; 1778 of these snowball-like orbs will illuminate this famous London street, for its fifty-fifth year of Christmas illuminations.

Bond Street

Bond Street is an iconic destination for London-bound shoppers, and it is making the most of the Christmas season with its festive light display. The street will be illuminated by peacock feathers, perched atop shop windows filled with their own festive displays. To top off this classy and Christmassy display, each junction boasts its own crown of lights which are reminiscent of a peacock’s full tail.

Covent Garden

One of the most famous markets in the world, Covent Garden, pulls out all the stops when it comes to Christmas. Fairy lights and giant baubles transform this iconic market into a festive playground. Pretty little shops, glowing fairy lights and glittering baubles all bring Christmas cheer to Covent Garden. What’s more is that all of this is topped off by the magnificent Christmas tree on the west side of the square, glowing green, red and white.

Regent Street

Regent Street is one of the most elegant areas of London, so it is to be expected that its Christmas display does not disappoint. Giant garlands of lights line this famous street at Christmas. The buildings on either side are connected by filigree style garlands and illuminated festive images. Statement-making, but not overdone, this Christmas light display is just regal enough for this regal road.


Harrods is the ultimate Christmas experience in London. Every inch of this world-famous department store’s stunning red brick building is lit up with warm, glowing fairy lights. It looks like something from the perfect Christmas card, and once you get past the enchanting festive sparkle outside, you have the breath-taking seasonal décor inside to contend with. No expense is spared with this Christmas lights display, and luxury is the rule, not the exception.

These five London hotspots are just a small sample of the festive fun you can have in the capital this Christmas. So book a tour in London, hit the shops or simply walk about and soak up the city’s atmosphere this jolly season.