The Jack the Ripper Tour

Jack the ripper is one of the biggest mysteries in the history of crime. It is still being told by people around the world with the same suspense, mystery and interest as in the late 19th century. Jack the Ripper reportedly killed 5 prostitutes from 1888 to 1891. In that era, he spread a horror in the streets of London. Some people refused to come out of their houses at one point. His only victims were prostitutes. Their throats were cut and they were abdominally mutilated.

This mystery has tickled the brain of every person who hears it. Everybody feels a rush of suspense, adventure and mystery and think that if he would’ve been there, he could have solved the mystery. Well, that is not possible right now, but what if there is a way to relive all those horrifying and troubling times? You are in for a treat.


There are many Jack the Ripper tours throughout the London and Whitechapel District. Every tour has its distinct quality and style. But if you want a real rush of adrenaline and a chill through your spine, you should navigate to these guys. The Jack the Ripper Tour. These guys are awesome at what they do. They have a treasure of knowledge and facts on Jack the Ripper with a cinematic touch. Their guides are well behaved and are experts on Jack the Ripper. They are called Ripperologists. They take you through the places where the actual murders happened. Tell some very interesting facts and some facts may run a chill through your spine.

The most important feature of this tour is The Ripper-Vision. Latest hand held projectors, which projects a 5 feet picture on the dark streets of Whitechapel, show you some rare pictures of this case and show you that how difficult the life was in those days. The level of detail that those guides know about this case is amazing. Alcoholism was common and poverty was at its peak in those days. Due to this poverty many women turned to prostitution. There were above 1000 prostitutes in Whitechapel District alone. The Ripper-Vision takes you back in time and you feel those times of poverty and horror. You feel how Ripper may have hunted his victims, by walking these streets. It’s a feeling that can’t be explained.

If you want to have the one of a kind tour of Jack the Ripper case you should absolutely navigate to these guys. They are some very dedicated and interesting people and will make your tour amazing.