Who Can Inherit Your Intestate

When people die without leaving a valid will, their heirs need to deal with their intestate. The valuable assets of deceased individuals can be taken only if they have no heirs at all. Basically, heirs are those people who are related to you. They have their right to receive specific probate assets if you die intestate.

There are certain rules that must be followed when someone dies intestate. They determine the process of distributing valuable assets to heirs. Find out more about the existing order of priority. I was reading this to get a clearer understanding.

  1. If you have surviving spouse, but not descendants, this person will receive your entire probate estate. Descendants are those individuals who are in any generation an old person signs the last willline down. They include your kids, grandchildren, and so on.
  2. When you are survived by your spouse and have the same living descendants, and your partner has no extra descendants, this person will receive all of your valuable assets.
  3. If you have a surviving spouse who has descendants, but some of them are additional to yours, your partner is going to get only one-half of your estate. Descendants will share their remaining half.
  4. If you are not married, but survived by descendants, they will receive your probate estate. It will be divided among them based on existing laws and regulations. This kind of division is held in accordance with generational lines. For instance, if your kids do not survive you, your valuable assets will be received by your grandchildren.
  5. If you have no spouse and living descendants, your estate will be passed to their surviving parents if they are alive. Otherwise, your assets will be distributed to their siblings.
  6. Your belongings can be passed to more remote heirs if you have no other living relatives after your death.

In summary, this process is a bit hard to understand for many average people. If you want to protect your heirs from complicated, time consuming and expensive court proceedings, contact a reliable estate planning or probate lawyer who will help you write a will. You should not leave your dear ones with the necessity to deal with your intestate. This process won’t take a long time, and you will have to cover only some reasonable fee for the services of your legal representative. Make sure that your probate matters are handled properly in advance because unfortunate situations may happen quite unexpectedly.