Robot Printer: Efficient or An Unnecessary Cost?

According to the BBC, an innovative design has recently been released that may help make office life more efficient. The new Fuji Xerox printer comes with an unlikely twist, which we suspect will have quite an impact on today’s technology market.

Primarily, the printer has been designed to ensure sensitive documents are kept secure in a communal environment, say a business for example. Though we are yet to see the benefits of this machine in detail, there is no denying that an improvement in security is always an advancement.

The printer itself has also been installed with a collection of sensors that stop it from colliding with obstacles, like desks and chairs, on its way to deliver the documents, and the battery is thought to last up to one day. However, whilst the potential is definitely there, several analysts are not convinced that this is the most cost-effective means of improving security.

Maggie Tan, an IDC Analyst, put the printer in a separate scenario and stated that there are better, more efficient solutions available.

She said: “The majority of these business lounges would have higher printing demand, especially from business travellers who always need to print urgently using a secured method.”

“There are several mobile printing solutions available today where users can submit their print job online through their mobile devices or laptops, and they are given a pocket robotic printerssecured password to collect their printouts.”

Another member of IDC, however, praised the technology, not forgetting its ingenuity and practicality. Bryan Ma commented: “It sounds like something very unique to Japan.”

“One might even argue that it seems more like technology for technology’s sake.”

Fuji and Xerox found a middle ground with this state-of-the-art project. In August, the two firms also put the printer through a series of tests in Tokyo. Hop over to our brand page today and pick yourself up some quality printer accessories.

As an insight into how the technology works, each individual desk in the business lounge was allocated an exclusive web address. This allowed users to access their unique address and add documents to the print list. The printer then identified the address and relocated to the appropriate desk. Those printing documents would then have to present a smart card in order to receive their work.

At the moment, this printer is still a prototype, but how do you think it will affect the market? Do you think it will be a shining success or do you believe it is an uneconomical design for offices around the UK?

In the meantime, if you are looking for more traditional Xerox printer cartridges or devices, please feel free to look through our website to find what you need. Alternatively, if you need advice or support, do not hesitate to get in touch today.