Relive the Autumn of Terror through Ripper-Vision

The slums of Victorian London were believed to be the outcome of lethargy and a life led by sin and immorality. Yet in reality it was caused by poverty, unemployment, homelessness and social exclusion. The rapid growth of industrialisation and urbanisation, led to a dramatic separation between rich and poor, while causing a class war that is still prevalent in modern day society. To the more respectable citizens, Whitechapel, during the latter half of the 19th century, was simply known as “Darkest London”.

Seen as one of the most notorious parts of the capital, the East End was the hub of 19th century London. During the day the streets were overcrowded with beggars, pickpockets, chimney sweeps, boot cleaners, bare footed children and market traders. But come nightfall, the fog descended on the murky grey cobbles, and the streets became an eerie desolate wasteland, illuminated by the flicker of a gaslight. With the chime of the Bow bells in the distance, you can imagine the hordes of people abandoning the once busy streets, for the safety and security of their homes.

For most inhabitants of Whitechapel, life was depressing, unsanitary and precarious. Never knowing when and where their next meal would come from, the working a Jack the Ripper costume playclasses had to deal with each new day riddled with disease, pain and hunger. As luxury carriages swept through parts of the city with their passengers viewing the streets with contempt, the individuals at base level had to wade through horse dung, sometimes even being paid by members of the upper classes to sweep a crossing for them.

If this were not bad enough, the smell from the streets would have been foul. Even though a sewage system was introduced during the middle half of the century, the streets were still over flowing with human waste, factory outfalls and slaughterhouse remains, which effectively turned the streets of the slums, into a living cesspit, which can be reflected by the Great Stink of 1858.

For us living in the modern era, it’s hard to imagine a life so seedy and wretched, as we take all our mod cons for granted. Things such as food, clean water, clean streets, sewers, health care and utilities are at our disposal at any given moment. And this is where we come in. Here at Jack the Ripper tours, we offer you a world-first with Ripper-Vision.

With our Jack the Ripper tours you are transported back to 1888s autumn of terror, when the Ripper ruled the streets and struck fear into the inhabitants of Whitechapel. As you walk through the narrow arched alleys and cobbled footpaths with our experienced tour guides, you will get an overwhelming sense of what it would have been like to live in fear of Jack the Ripper.

Our guides will recreate the steps taken by the Ripper on those fateful nights, and lead you on an experience that will stay with you forever. Not only are our Jack the Ripper walk guides dedicated Ripperologists and enthusiasts, but each one is a member of the Cloak and Dagger Club, which brings the history and crimes of the East End to life with the kind of theatrics you would expect from a Victorian thespian.

With Ripper-Vision, you get a unique angle of what it would have been like to live during these times of terror. The first and only Ripper tour that uses digital visual aids, you will witness never before seen photographs of the Rippers London. Using a top of the range hand held projector, our guide’s emblazon 5ft moving pictures, film clips and real life murder imagery that will give you chills as you wander through the foggy London night.

Not only does Ripper-Vision give you something no other Ripper tour does, but it also adds an element of excitement and surprise. Combined with the theatrics of our knowledgeable guides, you can expect to have a fun filled evening where you will learn and laugh the night away. Using Ripper-Vision, our tour guides will explain in great detail the theories and history surrounding Jack the Ripper, while at the same time stopping of at all the major crime scenes and a few other mystery stops, as you try to figure out just how exactly the Ripper got away in such a built up area.

Told like a novel, our guides will entertain, enlighten and interact with you as they tell the tale of Jack the Ripper, while applying Ripper-Vision to bring a real sense of atmosphere and drag this Victorian horror story screaming into the 21st century.