How to Determine the Right Type of Samurai Sword

When it comes to samurai swords, there are several popular types to choose from. Basically, each of them has unique features, purposes and prices. Keep in mind that all of them must be hand-crafted from high quality and durable steel. When shopping for the best one, take time to learn more about the main ins and outs of available types.

  • Daito. This samurai sword has a 2-feet or longer blade. It was worn through a kimono belt in the past. However, many people know it as famous katana, and it is in types of samurai swordshigh demand these days. This weapon is associated with a long creation process because of the difficulty involved. The most important detail is that such swords have a bit curved blade with a special skin handle.
  • Chisa. There are many experts who agree that this sword is a sub-type of katana. Its original design came from the necessity to make something like katana and short wakizashi. It has the same styling as the first type, but it is one foot shorter. This is what makes it easier for users to apply this samurai sword when it comes to indoor fighting and practice. Remember that some chisa swords were initially resulted by damaging katana.
  • Nodachi and tachi. This tachi type is older and features a more curved and longer blade compared to the above mentioned options. Soldiers wore it on a cord and used in horseback fighting. Its shorter version is called nodachi, and both of them are considered as the longest samurai sword version. If you want to use them, you need to be strong enough because they are quite heavy. The best thing is that their long blade and handle offer an extra advantage in terms of their reach and force.
  • Wakizashi. Such samurai swords are short, and their length is between 1-2 feet. Some people call them a smaller-sized tachi type, and they allow you to practice inside and fight in constricted quarters. This sword was used as some kind of backup weapon in the past. Elite samurais called it shogun and kodachi. It is often used together with katana.

As soon as you get basic information about such types, it will become easier to choose the right one for you. Their prices also differ, so that you need to plan your budget in advance. Make sure that you are buying only the original samurai sword.