World Spine Day

October 16th marks World Spine Day, but what is it all about? Cardiff Sports Nutrition has investigated!World Spine Day is all about raising awareness for not only disorders relating to the spine but spinal health in general. However, it isn’t just focused on spreading the word, it also gives people suffering from spinal disorders the opportunity to come forward and discuss their experiences. In addition, it encourages a collective effort to help those in pain.

Whilst World Spine Day is not as well-known as other awareness days, it is still making a huge difference for people who suffer from spinal disorders or chronic pain.

So, in awareness of World Spine Day we will be taking you through a few ways exercise can help with back pain.

Exercise and Back Pain

Many of you will have heard that exercise can help treat back pain. While it’s unlikely that the problem will fully go away, it is a great way to relieve any lower back pain a man's back and a graphic spine imageyou may be experiencing, even if it’s only short-term.

Also, what a lot of people don’t realise is that if you are experiencing back pain; it may not be to do with your bone structure. It is always worth getting it checked out first though as, if it is muscular, your doctor will be able to assign a few daily exercises to try for relief.

Spinal health isn’t all about your bones; it is equally important to ensure that the muscles surrounding your spine are supportive and healthy.

One of the best ways to do this is by making sure you get enough protein. This will help to build muscle and ensure your spine is receiving the support it needs. There are plenty of products out there too that can provide additional support for those who don’t receive enough protein due to lifestyle or personal factors. Nuts ‘N More Peanut Butter Pumpkin Spiced is a shining example. This delicious snack is not only ideal for those with a daringly sweet tooth; it also contains vital ingredients to help with muscle building including Whey Protein.

So, now we’ve briefly looked at back pain and the importance of spinal support, what can you, as a sufferer, do to help ease the pain? As mentioned, there are a number of exercises you can try to help combat discomfort and pain – we have compiled a few of these exercises below.

Before we begin though, it is important to remember that while exercise is great for relieving back pain, not all exercises will help you if you are a sufferer. Some may even exacerbate your condition so take care and take it slow to begin with. If you feel pain, stop immediately and move onto a gentler exercise.


One of the most popular techniques to try is stretching. There are lots of ways you can incorporate stretching into your daily workout however, possibly the best for back pain is the bottom to heels exercise.

This exercise focuses on using the spine and helps to keep it mobile. It is ideal for people who work in offices as it keeps their back active and in some ways, can help with posture.

To perform this exercise, you need to be on all fours with your hips and knees in line. It is important to avoid over or under-arching your back here otherwise you may exacerbate your condition. Next, gently sit back and allow for a curve in the spine – top tip: try to avoid an unnatural curve.  You can hold this position for as long as feels comfortable. It is recommended to take deep breaths whilst in this position.


If your main focus is strengthening your back muscles, there is an exercise that focuses on just that. Sitting against the wall may have been your least favourite exercise during gym class however; it’s so beneficial for people who need to strengthen their supportive muscles.

To perform, stand a fair distance away from the wall that still allows you to lean back without losing your balance. Begin leaning back until you can feel that your spine is completely flat against the surface. Then, slowly start to bend your knees. Here it is important not to over-bend so go at a pace you are comfortable with. Stay on top of your performance and strength with CSN’s Optimum Nutrition Gold and feel the burn today!

Hold for five seconds and repeat. If you are struggling to hold this position, you can build yourself up to 10 or even 20 seconds over time.

On top of exercise, there are also a few other things you can do to achieve a healthier back. These include using the proper posture when seated, sleeping in the correct position i.e. without lots of pillows and on a firm mattress and kicking smoking in the butt.

So, with World Spine Day on its way, let’s all say goodbye to chronic back pain and work towards a healthier lifestyle.