Oil and Gas Career Opportunities for Everyone

A need for clean, safe, affordable energy grows every year. If you want to work in the sphere of energy development, join oil extraction industry. A job in the sphere of oil and gas extraction is attractive due to a range of certain features: high salaries, pleasant bonuses, considerable social packages. Still, it is not only a financial reward that attracts people. Oil extraction industry is one of the most complex industries. What does it mean? It means that practically any talented person can find a place in this sphere. Oil extraction involves engineers and economists, accountants, locksmiths, technologists, geologists, energy specialists, lawyers, mechanics, drillers, professionals in finance, etc. a woman working in oil&gas industry

As the Society of Petroleum Engineers claims, the oil and gas extraction industry will need 38% more employees to provide global needs of energy in the nearest future. This sphere has always been a great field for actions for advanced specialists like Ivan Lasater and beginners alike. This is a sphere where you can find proper usage for your technical and personal features. Which qualities do you need to reach success in the sphere where you work? You need to love this sphere and your job. This is the biggest and the most effective motivation.

Oil engineers search for oil and gas deposits, develop and exploit the resources, and also they are responsible for the process of restoration of the land after the works are completed. This profession foresees numerous diverse specializations, but in general all they serve the only goal: to provide enough energy resources for the world and keep he environment safe for future generations.

Here is an approximate list of specializations of oil and gas engineers:

  • Drilling engineers that are responsible for the drilling process and safety of drilling equipment;
  • Technologists that are responsible for choice of equipment;
  • Developers of oil and gas resources that choose natural deposits that will be cost effective;
  • Ecologists that develop ways to restore the land after development of deposits.

If you have experience of working in the sphere, you can find job in any place in the world where they develop natural deposits of oil and gas. Skills of experienced miners and oil/gas specialists and engineers are required in all countries that actively extract their natural resources. It does not matter much whether you are a foreign professional if you are skilled enough.