4 Questions about Accountable Care Organizations

ACOs are those healthcare associations that involve reliable physicians, perform specific assemblies and do other things trying to provide patients with both affordable and quality medical services. If you want to benefit from their offers, you should understand that you will end up with great savings.

a man shaking hands with a womanAccountable care organizations offer the latest model of providing healthcare services. They provide a large number of doctors and hospitals with a variety of financial incentives targeted at providing the best quality medical care and keeping relevant costs down. There are different questions you may ask about this model. The most important ones are listed below.

  • What they are all about?

You need to understand that it is all about a certain network of hospitals and doctors. They all share their responsibility when it comes to providing the necessary healthcare to their patients. There is an opinion that accountable care organizations still need to prove that they can work better and cost less compared to other medical systems. This is how more patients will be attracted to take part of this program.

  • How will their services be paid?

It is obvious that Medicare has its traditional payment system where all healthcare services should be paid separately. This is what results in the situation where patients are asked to undergo more tests and perform more medical procedures. This means that they will have to pay more for the treatment obtained. The basic target of all accountable care organizations is to help people create more savings. They are provided with a set of specific bonuses that allow to keep their costs down. These healthcare facilities are focused on preventing and managing those patients who suffer from all kinds of chronic diseases. For instance, these organizations can be paid a flat fee for every patient.

  • What makes them different for patients?

Some doctors may want their clients to take part in their ACO network. However, people should feel free to visit the doctor they choose outside this network if they want. The best thing is that they will not have to pay more. Accountable care organizationare pressured to provide their high quality services. They are required to meet specific standards or they are at risk of losing their contracts.

  • Who is in charge?

You need to realize that doctors, hospitals and insurers all want to run ACOs. That’s because there are many benefits that can be obtained by them and their customers.