Why to Equip Your Office with Treadmill Desks

It is very easy to create an effective combination of an office and a gym. Most people who work in offices suffer from lack of movement. This problem can lead to issues with spine and neck and ending with varicosity and other very unpleasant problems. an office with many treadmill desksThe matter has become so acute that scientists have developed a range of devices that allow combining work with effective regular training. One of the most interesting and fresh is the idea of putting together a desk and a treadmill.

If you are interested in this development, you should visit rebeldesk.com and see all its possible modifications. At the bottom the device is equipped with four rubber wheels that move the treadmill up to 1-3 kilometers per hour. The desk can be used as a usual one for placing a monitor and a keyboard. Scientists have proved that the amount of calories that can be burned due to regular office work reaches about 72 calories per hour, while such a treadmill desk can help to burn up to 191 calories. Such devices are a great choice for employers who appreciate health of their employees and their attractive appearance.

However, treadmill desks are not the only possible means that can help to fight lack of movement. Ping-pong tables are also a great amusement that can increase productivity of people’s work. Practically any post and any number of duties allow devoting some time to have rest, distract one’s mind from problems and play the game. It is not as effective as treadmill tables but can be a good solution for small companies.

Companies that cannot afford the first two options or have troubles with free space can install a wall for climbing. It will also be functional because the pieces on which employees put their feet are hooks for hanging their coats. Climbing higher and then getting down again is a great exercise, especially in the morning and for those people who love having breaks in working.

Finally, another good thing that can give employees both physical and emotional relaxation is a punching bag, especially if it is decorated with a boss’ portrait. Many bosses treat the idea with much respect, being sure that employees who reveal their emotions during a break and in such an effective way will most likely be patient and attentive to new demands and requests of their bosses.