How It All Began: the History of Kigurumi

Kigurumi, pajamas that depict animals or cartoon characters, are still extremely popular with children and adults. The style was invented in Japan several years ago and has remained extremely demanded all around the world. a little boy in an animal onesieThese garments are a common choice as a pajama for wearing at home and sleeping and also as a cute and funny outfit that is worn outdoors from time to time. indeed, these costumes are quite funny and lovely and look good on practically everyone.

In the beginning, kigurumi were worn as usual suits by people who participated in festivals, parties, promotional campaigns, etc. Later, it has become a great option for Japanese girls who called themselves ganguro. Representatives of this subculture wear very dark shades of tan, bleach their hair to whiteness and often look like Japanese copies of ladies who inhabit the Californian coastline. Ganguro prefer bright clothes and often wear animal onesies that look like pandas, Pikachu, puppies, lambs, Hello Kitty, etc. Now the fashion has walked outside into the street and become a common thing in London, New York, Paris or Rome.

Animal pajamas are used for walking, riding bicycles, doing active sports like snowboarding, throwing parties where many or even all the guests wear diverse kigurumi suits. These suits can be made of different materials. Some of them are so warm that you can go outside even in winter. Fleece suits are perfect for sleeping because natural materials are the best option for skin while it is having rest.

If you are good in sewing, you can try to make a suit on your own. As soon as the simplest creatures have no additional details, the shape of an onesie is quite simple and easy to tailor. The main part of your efforts will most likely be devoted to the hood that depicts the head and face of the creature. Yet, even with that, you will definitely have an item that suits you best of all and has all the details that you want to have on it.

If you want to deepen the appearance, you can search for shoes that match the onesie. If there are no suitable ones or in case you want to try your own skills, you should give attention to an idea of wrapping some regular shoes with decorative artificial fur, fleece and other materials that are used in the suit.