Keep Your License After DUI

Driving under the influence is a serious crime that entails some severe punishment, especially if you live in Arizona. This state is famous for its stringent DUI laws, and should you be proven guilty of this offence, you will have to bear the burden of this punishment. There is no doubt that this will affect your life severely. a policeman arresting a manThus, it’s in your best interests to do everything possible in order to get the case against you dismissed. Employing the services of an experienced drunk driving attorney will definitely help you with this.

One of the main benefits associated with hiring a lawyer to handle your DUI case is the fact that this can help you keep your license. Suspension of your driving privileges for several months is one of the biggest problems that you will have to face when punished for DUI. Even if your charges in this case can be reduced, your license will still be suspended for some time. Thus, you will need to take some additional steps to make sure that you are at least allowed to drive to work, and this can only be done by arranging an additional MVD hearing.

Your drunk driving attorney will know the procedure that can provide you with a temporary license. The fact that this process is arranged through the Administrative Court is extremely beneficial, because the prosecutor that is building a case against you won’t have the power to interfere with this hearing.

However, bear in mind that there is a certain time limit for arranging an MVD hearing. This means that if you miss the deadline, you will have no choice but to accept complete loss of your driving privileges for the period of time set by the court for your DUI. This is why hiring a drunk driving attorney immediately after you’ve been arrested is essential.

In a perfect case scenario, you should have this specialist on call so you can get help the moment you are taken to a police station. Unfortunately, some officers can go to extreme lengths in order to provoke you to implicate yourself further. A lawyer’s assistance will be very useful in this case, and calling in a legal professional immediately can even help you to get the case dismissed before you are actually charged with anything. This will save you from a great deal of stress and expenses associated with DUI trials. Of course, this will only work in some cases, but your chances of getting out of this predicament unscathed will grow exponentially when you have a lawyer on your side.