Whitening of Teeth: Three Different Ways

If you want to have whiter teeth, you should know that there are at least three ways to make them look shining and bright. The first way is usage of so-called lumineers, very thin ceramic shields that are installed onto frontal surfaces of teeth in order to make them look whiter. Being a sort of usual veneers, these ones are somewhat thinner and have a bigger transparency. Though they are not very effective in case it is necessary to correct cosmetic problems of teeth, they provide shiny whitening with a transparent glow. Such teeth make the entire face look younger and fresher.

Professional Cleaning

Another method that allows us to have whiter teeth is professional cleaning. Such procedures are recommended for all people, regardless of their eating or drinking habits. Deposits on teeth and dental plaque can make teeth look dull and dark. The plaque is able to absorb colors, so having it on your teeth you can observe practically all colors of the rainbow in your mouth, depending on food and beverages you consume. Professional cleaning is also very useful for the health of your teeth: solid dental plaque can cause inflammation and weakening of gums due to its mechanic impact. There is no need to say that both solid and soft dental deposits are a great environment for bacteria and infections that cause diverse dental diseases and bad breath.

Whitening or Bleaching

teeth before and after whiteningFinally, the third way to get rid of dental colors is through professional whitening that is done by a reliable clinic like Smiles by Canada. Whitening toothpastes we can use at home are practically helpless against stubborn pigmentation that lies deep inside tissues of teeth. Still, they can have abrasive particles that scratch the enamel. That is why constant usage of such pastes is not recommended for anybody. Instead, stubborn stains and deposits can be removed with the help of modern technologies that ruin pigments deep inside the enamel.

Yet, you need to remember several things before you decide to whiten your teeth. You should have no filling on frontal parts of your teeth: filling materials cannot be whitened. If you want, you can do the whitening and then replace all the filling to match your new snow-white teeth. Still, you should keep in mind that the filling will stay dazzling white even when your teeth start to grow darker some time after the procedure. All this means that the best whitening option is a natural ivory color that is not hard to maintain.