Features and Possibilities Offered by Ford Kuga

Leading manufacturers of motor vehicles are not likely to stop developing new automobiles in spite of the global crisis that sweeps over many countries and of ecological problems caused by CO2. Instead, they create such vehicles that use a little gas, save money and are perfectly ecologically friendly. At least, they are promoted as ones that have all these features.

One of the newcomers on the market is Ford Kuga, a five-seater that feels perfectly well on both urban asphalt and country lanes, especially in 4WD kitting. It is available in a Trend Plus and is basic in Titanium and Titanium Plus. All these details should be specified with each separate local Ford dealer Chicago or any other city.

An Athletic Appearance

Top parts of its radiator grill is narrowed and three-piece bottom part emphasizes the size of the vehicle that has grown taller in comparison with its predecessor Ford-3. The windshield has a big angle, side lines are very swift and wing arches are muscular, exaggerating the athletic appearance of the entire vehicle. Surely, all these attractive features improve aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle and significantly reduce the amount of noise inside the car.

Inner Comfort

a white Ford KugaInner lining materials are very pleasant to touch, and the central console and panel board are finished in a stylish way. Driver’s and passengers’ seats that have always been very comfortable in Ford cars have become even more attractive from the point of view of long travels. A panoramic shield that is installed into the roof in Titanium Plus will add light to the inner space of the car.

The size of the truck is about 406 liters, so it is able to contain everything you need in your trip. If you put rear seats down, the size will grow up to 1603 liters. The rear door is opened automatically with the help of a “hands-free” remote control. What you need is just run your foot under the rear bumper.

A Powerful Heart

Ford Kuga has received a new turbo charging gas engine that is called EcoBoost. This aggregate of 1.6 liters has direct fuel injection that allows increasing outputs to 150 or even 182 HP. Eco Boost works along with a mechanic or automatic gearbox. Titanium and Titanium Plus can be equipped with a diesel engine Durator TDCi of 2 liters, an automatic gearbox Power Shift and an intelligent four-wheel drive 4WD; this engine can increase the output up to 140 HP.