Danger of Dental Diseases for the Entire Body

Have you ever had a filled tooth that started to ache one again in several years? Perhaps, the point was in periodontitis, a disease that affects roots of filled teeth quite often.

In most cases, appearance of this disease shows that there is microflora in root canals, that it has already eaten away the pulp and now gets to tissues that surround roots of every tooth and hold it in place. The more aggressive and pathogenic the microflora is, the sooner we feel that something is wrong with a tooth. The sooner the better, because microflora that lives for a long time without attracting attention is able to spread with the flow of blood and lymph all over the body. This is how we develop odontogenic maxillary sinusitis, abscesses, heart, kidney diseases and so on. As it is and when it shows up, periodontitis is a very painful disease. It gives enormous pains that irradiate onto other teeth, headaches, fever and grave complication like bone decay and other joys.

How Periodontitis Can Be Averted

Teeth with diseasesAll this can surely be averted in case you turn to a good clinic like www.millerdowntowndentistry.com or a similar one that is located in your area and have all your teeth examined. It means that your dentist should inspect all teeth, even the ones that were filled many years ago. Teeth that are filled with old materials should be re-filled with newer ones that create no cavities inside teeth and root canals. In case there are sources of infection in other teeth and inflammation around roots, it is necessary to start treatment without waiting for pains to start. There is no need to extract affected teeth, while there is a possibility to treat them properly.

Treatment Procedures

Root canals should be cleared from both old filling materials and infected tissues and filled with a special paste that contains a lot of calcium. This substance is friendly to the body and it can create an alkaline medium that will kill any microflora. This paste is left inside root canals for several days or a week. In complicated cases, when there are pus granules on roots of the tooth, it is better to leave it for several weeks, replacing it with fresh portions from time to time. In the most complicated cases there is no better treatment than extraction of a tooth. If you feel that you are not ready to say goodbye to your teeth, you should give more attention to regular visits to a dentist.