Chiropractic Myths: Busted

Chiropractic is a form of alternative therapy that is currently gathering more and more support among the international health care community. Even some insurance agencies today acknowledge chiropractic treatment and add it to their policies. a man massaging a womanPhysicians all over the world prescribe this therapy to their patients as a complementary treatment or as an alternative to some potentially dangerous medical procedures. All in all, chiropractic has been recognized for what it really is, a great medical tool that can restore your health in a completely natural way.

You can see how popular chiropractic has become with your own eyes if you conduct some simple online research. For example, look up “Sachse headache natural treatment” and you will see that the first dozen or so results will be the links to various chiropractors’ websites. The same thing will happen when you look for treatments for back, neck and joint pains.

However, even despite its popularity and recognition from the medical community, there still are quite a few “myths” about chiropractic going around. Some of these stories are so silly that they shouldn’t even be acknowledged, but they ruin the therapy’s reputation greatly. The most common of these myths are:

  • You can’t stop going to a chiropractor once you start.
    This is a completely unfounded misconception created by those who don’t understand the technicalities of this treatment in the least. It is indeed true that due to the nature of some problems, they will require several sessions, and these sessions can be performed in a span of a couple of months or even years, but this doesn’t mean that you will become addicted to them. Your chiropractor will tell you how long your treatment will take and whether you require any additional sessions after he or she evaluates your health.
  • Neck adjustments with an activator will kill me.
    If there is an utterly stupid thing to say about chiropractic, it’s this one. How would this therapy be recognized and allowed if it killed patients? Regardless of what you think about the Health Department and government, you can be sure that they would have prevented chiropractic from being practiced legally if it was indeed this dangerous.
  • Neck adjustments result in a stroke. Again, nothing can be further from the truth. There is no denying the fact that a very small number of people that underwent chiropractic treatment had indeed suffered a stroke, but the same thing can be said about people going to a dentist. The reasons behind a stroke cannot be blamed on chiropractic treatment.