Things to See in Cape Cod

Nowadays, every American knows that Cape Cod is the best vacation spot in the whole country. Thousands of people come here every year, and hardly any of them leave disappointed. In fact, this region has proven to be such an amazing place that some people come here to celebrate some of the most special events of their lives. Wedding celebrations take a very special place among these festivities.

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a satellite photo of Cape Cod The beautiful nature plays a very important part in the popularization of Cape Cod as a tourist center. The smart government that invested in this industry also helped to make Cape Cod the incredible place it is today. But of course, nature and nice hotels aren’t enough to fuel the tourists’ interest in this area. That is why there are quite a few attractions in Cape Cod. The most famous of them are:

  • Provincetown’s Race Point.
    Can you imagine miles of soft sand dunes that slowly give way to the waves of the Atlantic? You can see this beauty with your own eyes if you go to the northernmost point in Cape Cod. This will be a trip you won’t forget. Ever.
  • Wellfleet Sanctuary.
    Lovers of birds will feel at home here. The Sanctuary takes up 1100 acres of land, and has the richest population of birds in this part of the world. The place even houses a butterfly garden that can impress anyone.
  • Route 6A King’s Highway.
    What can be interesting about a highway? King’s Highway is a place that literally takes you back in time. A modern autobahn that you can travel comfortably on is surrounded with amazingly beautiful farmhouses that seem to have come directly from Victorian postcards. Small cottages and antique shops sometimes give way to the incredible views of the Cape Cod Bay. To prolong your experience of being surrounded by such beauty, you can dine at one of the roadside restaurants.
  • Highland Light.
    This is the most famous of Cape Cod’s lighthouses. The magnificent structure is located in Truro, and it has saved the lives of countless sailors since 1797. Unfortunately, the original lighthouse succumbed to elemental damage and was destroyed by the waters of the Atlantic. However, its replacement was erected in 1857, and it still stands unyielding to the powers of nature.